Masked Fox Games

We may not have a lot to show yet, but here you'll find the demo projects and work-in-progress games that we have under active development.

The Tower and the Town (active development)

"The Tower and the Town" is a gothic role-playing game with a MUD-inspired text-based interface. Meet the elegant (and terrifying) Damion Dragonprince and help defend a quiet farming town from a swarm of powerful undead.

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Scansion Tiles (active development)

"Scansion Tiles" is a tile-based puzzle game. Challenge yourself to beat your best score, or challenge a friend to a street battle!

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Memory (demo)

The Masked Fox Memory game is a traditional card-matching Memory game. Perfect for small kids!

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From the Ashes (demo)

"From the Ashes" is a scoreboard-style survival strategy game, set in the period immediately after the second dragonswarm. Can you help Rinuld's plucky band of survivors rebuild civilzation?

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